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Features & benefits

Very Dry Gas (Extremely Important Quality) With Proprietary Dry Gas Chambers

Can be used for brazing, WELDING, soldering, casting, modeling, melting a variety of metals, with a flame up to 3200°C (5800°F)
Such as: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, brass, aluminum, nickel, steel.

Precise Pin-Point MICRO-FLAME   ( High Quality Flame with NO OXIDATION )
Linear Power Adjust Control Knob
Simple to maintain, use and repair
Very Light Ergonomic TORCH ( 56,2 g )

Long Life Deoxidizer (FLUX)   from 6 - 8 hours continuous work

Back Flame Arrestor, Pneumatic Pressure Discharge, Electronic Suppresion Filter

Eliminates the need for gas cylinders.

With our generators not only you will work more safely by avoiding the storage of explosive gases,
since the gas produced is consumed, in Real Time, thus NO STORAGE IS NEEDED.
You should also be able to save thru discounts for fire/explosions insurance.


No more CO2 emissions.
Clean Natural Gas.

We have the highest safety standards with:
  • SAFETY CAP: It is an overpressure discharge pneumatic valve which prevents pressure over 2 bar. In case of tank back flame, discharges the overpressure.Safety cap can be removed when the flames and the unit are in the OFF mode.
  • MAX PRESSURE SWITCH OFF: It is a safety device to avoid overpressure over the normal working pressure of 1 Bar. This device is calibrated at 1.7 bar, after and above this value the pressure switch shut-off the power supply.
  • PATENTED THERMAL AND  PROPRIETARY FLAME ARRESTER: If flame back occurs inside the Booster Tank or inside the tank, the flame arrester stops the gas from flowing, and the MAX PRESSURE SWITCH OFF stops the gas production by breaking-off the power supply.
  • THE SAME THERMAL AND PNEUMATIC BACK FLAME ARRESTER is mounted inside the Special Torch for double safety.
  • DRY GAS CHAMBER (Condensate Separator): This patented device allows to dry the gas and prevent, consequently the back flame.
  • INTERNAL TANK: is over oversized in order to hold over 200 Bar of pressure (more than 100 times of the working pressure).
  • BOOSTER TANK: Is made in 304 AISI stainless steel to resist corrosions.
  • INTERNAL PLASTIC HOSE CONNECTIONS: Screw-on mechanism without any plastic band.
  • SPECIAL RUBBER HOSE FIRE PROOF: the torch rubber hose does not ignite.
  • MIXED GAS of H2 O2: Conbustion doesn't produce CO2 fumes.

Our generators are equipped with electronic security systems and mechanics that we have patented and proven over time, that the garantee of the functioning of our equipment is in total safety.
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