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vista frontale l 11000
Hydrogen & Oxygen Gen. / SEPARATED gas / model L/11000


The operation principle of these generators is based on the electrolytic dissociation of water to produce Hydrogen and Oxygen separately with a high purity for general thermal treatments. All operating parameters of the machine are managed by a microprocessor with self-diagnostics and alphanumeric display.

Maintenance is extremely simple.



Production of Hydrogen                               7000  Lt/hour

Production of Oxygen                                   3500  Lt/hour

Gas Purity                                                           99,8  %

Max. Power Absorbed                                       34 kW

Consumption of Demineralized Water               5,2  Lt/hour

Max. Power Supply                                           380/390V  3Ph  50Hz

Overall Dimensions                                          W X D X H           167X86X160

Weight                                                                800 Kg

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