ET Hydrogen s.r.l.
Elettronica Todescato s.r.l -I- -via Volta 9/a - Arcugnano (VI) - ITALY - 36057 - Phone +39 (0) 444 289 227 Fax +39 (0) 289 229
How long does your equipment last and what are the better
features ?
a. 10 Years on Average Life Span
b. Very Dry Gas
c. Very safe
d. Low de-oxidizer consumption
e. Easy to use, repair and maintain
f.  Precise pin-point flame
g. No CO2 production
h. No more bottled gas needed
What is your warranty policy?
We offer ONE YEAR FULL WARRANTY on parts and labor on non consumable items.
How long has the ET hydrogen been making Micro-Flame Generators?
Over 40 years, and over 20,000 units sold , making us a leader
in our field.
How many Models do you carry?
We have Models L/45, L/80, L/160 which are Micro-Flame units,
our L350 and L700 are bigger flame machines with ( more )
power.  And our Separated Gas units (L/1600 L/3200 L/5200 L/11000) are also
State of the Art , equipment. With the numbers representing,
Liters / Hour consumption.
Is the purchase of your units, a wise economical purchase?
YES, very much so. With the cost savings inherent in the
equipment for the daily usage, ( no gas tanks needed and
efficient low-consumption de-oxidizer ), makes the initial
investment quickly recuperable with significant savings afterwards.
And, our units last on average 10 years and sometimes much
longer with significant long-term savings.
How good is the quality of your Flame Technology?
Extremely good, since we have a proprietary Dry Gas Technology
System within our units, and the combinations of various
burner tip sizes and Manual Power Knob Control, makes it
possible to obtain , very precise - high quality flames.
When is your factory closed and what are your business hours?
Our factory is closed from      december 23rd to january 2nd.
                                               august     5th to 20.
Closed on time national holydays.
Office hours from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm from monday to friday.
E-mail & fax 24/7
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