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 Elettronica Todescato s.r.l   

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The Elettronica Todescato S.r.l. company (ET hydrogen), over the past 40 years has continued to strive for excellence in Product Quality, Human Resources, Customer Satisfaction and team work,
with our distributors and re-sellers. Our goal is to continue on this path, increasing our presence on a global scale, while offering a manufactured product of High Quality.

ET hydrogen S.r.l. is a leader in the field of brazing-welding-soldering for a variety of sectors , including all of the various applications. Our hydrogen generators are the future, and the future is NOW.

Our team effort includes working with the very best in the industry , constantly exchanging professional ideas in the area of metallurgy, chemistry, industrial applications and international commerce. We are a dynamic company and are in position to accept the new challenges of the global arena.

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor or ReSeller or need pricing for our equipment,  please FILL OUT THE FORM or send your inquiry to the below address:

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